Will Sete lay down the law?
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Thread: Will Sete lay down the law?

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    Will Sete lay down the law?

    Ok, Let's hear it. I watched that last race 4 times! DO you think Sete will put the numbers on Rossi tomorrow?

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    Sete will fold like an old lady on wash day.

    I dunno, Rossi starting from the second row really means very little to me. Remember last year when he and Biaggi had to start at the end of the field? He entered turn one in like 4th or 7th position or something crazy like that. Inconceivable!
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    Even if Sete runs Rossi into a wall, the guy is going to get back on track, get fired up and kick everyones ass, I like Val, I hate Val, the guy is like a fricking Schumacher without the nomex.
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    Go Raikkonen!

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    Damn, Speed should be part of the basic cable pkg!
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    Sete will finish 2nd... AGAIN.

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    It looks as though the rain may hold off. Damn!

    My thoughts. Rossi will kick ass again today. Sete in secound. Watch for Edwards to push to the front. Haydon will crash out again.

    I'll be at the Ladner Town Pub at 1:00pm to watch the race with the gang. See you all there.....
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