Estoril MotoGP Results ( spoiler alert )
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Thread: Estoril MotoGP Results ( spoiler alert )

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    Estoril MotoGP Results ( spoiler alert )

    Barros was meant to win this race. When Sete got the amazing start and pulled ahead I believe Barros summond the rain gods and caused Sete to go down.

    Missing out on points is going to hurt Sete's season.

    Rossi and Max would have given Barros a good run for the money if the rain hadn't come on. No one was really pushing it too hard after Sete went down. Max was just glad to be getting on the podium and Rossi likely doesn't consider Max or Barros his biggest threats. (don't tell Max that)

    Kudos to Edwards for getting back on his bike and bringing in some points.

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    It was an interesting race to watch. There weren't that many riders that crashed out, and it was funny to see them alternate from running after Barros to gingerly making it around the corners as the drizzle came and went. I also hadn't seen a 250 race before... was interesting to see the difference between those guys and the premier class racers, with the 250s being very impressive but noticably more 'disorganized'.

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    The 250 race was much better than the GP1 race.

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