good vets in surrey/langley?
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Thread: good vets in surrey/langley?

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    good vets in surrey/langley?

    Hey guys, my dog need to take his shots this year, but I don't know which vet to take him to. Could any of you who has dogs recommend a good vet place in surrey/langley area???

    appreciate it!

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    Newton Animal Hospital
    7010 King George Hwy.
    604 596 7417
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    It's nowhere near Surrey or Langley but I really like Jack Brondwin on 16th and McDonald in Kitsilano. Excellent vet. Also had good experience with the fella on 41st and Fraser. He's very reasonable and we've had a good experience.

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    Dr. Lau
    "All About Pet Clinic".
    #102 20058 Industrial Ave

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    yes please
    Dr. Zwamborn (Albatross vet clinic at 268 St and 0 ave) is fantastic. It's a bit of a drive out but they're wonderful and very reasonable in price. The people at Newton Hospital are great too.
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    On a side note, anyone know of a good pet kennel that takes cats ?

    I've got to go back to Europe for business for most of June and don't want to fly my cat back and forth again, so will have to get him looked after here.

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    I take my dog to the Vet on 104th & about 156th I believe. Guildford Vet or something like that. I don't have any complaints.

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