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    2003 suzuki gsx-r750 - Shipping?

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to post this.
    However i want to pick up some boots from

    1)Iv set up a Secondary Billing Address with Visa, so that the items will be shipped in the US (Blaine) where i will then drive down and pick them up. However when I tried to finish the order, It asks for a Billing & Shipping Address? Should i use the Blaine one for both? Because i CANNOT select BC in the "State" drop down menu.

    2) They also have a small checkbox section that says "For AIR shipping:
    'Check here' to request that your package be sent "no signature required" and that you assume all risk of loss. " - I would have to click this box in order for the little 'mail box ect.' place to be able 2 recive my order correct?

    3) How long can i expect them to take with my order? I would love to drive down on monday because i have a few other errands i need 2 take care of in Blaine.

    Thanks in advance!

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    NewEnough.Com doens't ship to Canada unless you send a money order their way. Also, according to Visa and NewEnough the billing and shipping address must be the same or else they won't ship it.

    It's been discussed

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    They also do Paypal

    Edit They accepted Paypal last time I used them but not anymore.
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    thats not true, i bought something from newenough a few months back with VISA and they shipped it to me...took about a week and a half.
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    Phone them up, send a money order, pick up in Blaine.

    Nice and easy. Trust me, I've talked to them about it (at length) more than once.

    They won't take visa or paypal if you want it shipped to Blaine and live in BC.
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