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    Question Need info to build garage

    I am thinking of building a detached garage so I can keep my future bike safe inside, but first of all I need to know the approximate cost to build one. Went to Rona to get quote on materials and contractors, it would cost around 4.5K for 18' x 22' excluding exterior siding and gutter. Add 1K for digging foundation and concrete. I was quoted around 7K by the constructors to get it built, but they want me to get building permit first before doing the proper quote.

    After getting the forms from city hall, they require building plan in order to submit for permit. And of course these are probably not cheap either. On top of that, the electrician to draw power from somewhere and hook it up. All in all, I think it will cost around 15K to have it built.

    Obviously I don't know much about construction or the process. Does anyone have similar experience in getting building permit for garage? Who would be able to do building plan, an architect, designer or can you buy them off the shelves? Do you feel the price is reasonable? I've only asked Rona contractors so far since I don't really trust independent contractors (maybe watched too many Holmes on Homes).

    Thanks for the info.

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    I built a 20x26 shop about 2 year ago. It cost me around $13,000 doing alot myself, getting deals and alot of hard work. I would say your on target with $15,000. I to did the Revy plan too, modified somewhat, and can probably give you some advice if you want.

    btw: I have internet hook-up, cable, fridge, microwave, and tv, lots of plugs 220V, garage opener...and yes, it's too small already.

    Shoot me an email if you want more info, I have all the break downs (prices I paid) on everything and a pretty good collection of pictures in different building stages.

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