Whats your mom think???
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Thread: Whats your mom think???

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    Question Whats your mom think???

    So, i was just wondering: how do the parents think of all this motorcycle stuff?
    I just rode my mom -aww, that sounds so gross-in to the ferry in horseshoe bay.
    She had fun as it was her first time on a sportbike, we rode on my gixxer.
    i think i might be the oddity though, she taught me how to ride on the old
    81 yamaha 400xs, what a long time ago that was....
    anyway, i want to know how it goes for you guys, and you girls as well, does daddy freak out??

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    My mom knows I ride bikes, has gone for a ride as far as the end of the driveway but no further and still has no idea that I'm racing. If she finds out I'm sure I'll be grounded.....
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    Mom has always hated bikes and has her little comments everytime she sees one riding around. When I got my bike I thought she'd freak but in truth she always gets the camera out when I ride to the folk's place and she even got on the back for a spin once with very little coercion. She's still worried and doesn't want to hear any stories about my rides but she's taking it well.
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    Dad doesn't get to speak as per Mom. But they hate me riding. They support it though, cosign for me on motorcycles and help me buy PROPER gear. They know if I am going to be out there that I should at least be safe, so they do what they can to help!

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    Mom hates it. Dad tolerates it. Both parent's never been on and probably never will. Mom really has no clue on how fast these things are. If she found out, I'd be grounded too.

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    mom doesn't mind... worries. Dad loves it... rides himself. wife HATES IT LIKE A MOFO!

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    Both parents were apprehensive, but did lend me $1,500 for my first bike.
    I had always wanted to take my mom for a spin on the bike as her brother has ridden for years. Just as we were planning to make a date of it, she developed a brain aneurysm and died two months later. This was two years ago this July.
    I still feel sad that I never got to take her on a ride, so if you're planning on taking either parent out for a blast, do it right away because there truly may not be a tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Green 9R
    Mom hates it. Dad tolerates it. Both parent's never been on and probably never will. Mom really has no clue on how fast these things are. If she found out, I'd be grounded too.
    Oh, my mom is well aware of how fast they go, lol!

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    My mom supports me in just about everything I do. She use to take me to Motocross Races and practices more than my dad did.
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    I could do everything growing up...except own a bike. When I came home with one when I was 19 she shit.

    That was 15 Years ago..she now owns a Harley Dyna and the bike bug has bit her hard.
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    Both my parents have their class six and my dad has a couple bikes. I was encouraged to ride not discouraged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brimmer
    I just rode my mom
    dude, don't say that... say you 2-up'ed your mom or doubled your mom.

    for me, both my parents tolerate it now.. they trust me and know i'm responsible,.. but my mom will always tell me to be careful.
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    My mom doesn't mind...I don't know if I would go so far as to say she likes it per se but she knows it's something I enjoy and never tried to discourage me. I think she mostly just worries. My dad...well he just thinks it's a waste of money and that I should go back to horseback riding instead. LOL...like that's cheaper??? Turthfully I'd love to do both, but unlike a horse if I crash my bike and can't pay the deductable or something right away it's not a matter of life and death!!! Likewise the bike won't starve to daeth if I can't afford insurance and have to park it for a few months

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    Moms hated the idea at first, but then I reminded her that I have been on motorbikes since I was 6 or 7. And the fact the my dad used to own a Harley FLH back in tha day and she rode on it. He had and still has bikes today so my dad has always been supportive.
    When I rode back home to the Kootenays last summer I got my mom out for a tear around the little town and she said it was awesome. I even did a small wheelie with her on it. At first she was freaked but then she said it was such a rush when she was looking up at the tree's and sky.

    My mom also used to take me to motorcross races in Golden, Calgary and south of Lethbridge.

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    Mom & Dad both hate it... could be due to the first accident or maybe the second.......or the stories people in town shared with them (something about a low flying aircraft) most likely the third cause they had to come to the hospital in '03 not knowing if I was going to live or die. Although even now they'll support me in whatever decision I make regarding future riding.

    Danimal where abouts in the Kootenay? Kaslo born and raised
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