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Thread: my first bike!

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    mr beautiful

    my first bike!

    Hey guys n ladies whats up,

    I always wanted a motorcycle ever since I was young, now that im finishing univeristy this year I can finally afford one, but I was thinking about buying a used one. I really like the GSXR600. My question for all of you is: What should I be asking the owner of a used bike? In the sense that what things should I be looking for when buying a used bike. I know a lot about cars, but I have no knowledge of bikes and I dont want to get screwed. Thanks.....

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    Welcome to BCSB

    Try the search function tons of threads about buying & selling used bikes!
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    Read the new riders forum, lots of usefull information.

    And use the Search function to find information on specific bikes. A lot of good reviews have been posted recently.
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    Try this link. Clicky
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    I'm not even looking for a new bike now but thats a DAMN good Clicky LINK!!

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    I found this online and can't resist re-posting this here:

    Dude you totally have to get the fastest bike you can because otherwise you will be totally bored with it and you will have to give up riding because it will be so boring because it will take so long to get everywhere at only 140 or 130 mph.

    Don't listen to these pussies with 600's and SV 650's they are just jealous because they can't afford to buy the fastest bikes or their moms can't cosign for them like mine did. She helped me finance my GSXR1000 and then told me to sign some piece of paper making her my "beneficiary" on some insurance policy or something. I don't know what that means, but the 11 days I rode around on my bike last summer before I crashed and then they put my brain into this tank in the Mayo Clinic were really fun.

    I just hope they don't let my mom into the room where they keep my tank because I'm afraid she'll tip it over or something or maybe spill Drano into the tank like she did last christmas.

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    ^^^^ that's funnyyy
    what a great article
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    Might I suggest you also consider the 750 in your shopping ? IMHO (and from what 've heard from 750 owners) it seems they're great value for the money.
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    Sorry SkipT' this time I'm not in agreement. First bike, new rider and 750 gixxer just add up to trouble. It's bad enough with folks starting on 600's but a 750 is just going to be that much worse.

    : Welcome to the site Mr B : For more thoughts on what size and type of bike new riders should have see the big thread in the Articles section. If you elect to stick with the Gix 600 then please remember that the 600's of the past 5 years have as much or more power as the liter bikes of the late 80' and early 90's and deserve to be treated with lots of respect. It's sort of like getting a Formula1 or CART Indy car for your first ever vehicle.
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    Buy a 750....and see god!

    i fully support you purchasing a gix6. so far, you're speaking the right language for a beginner.

    i'm not sure wether anyone's brought it to your attn, but most motorcycle shops would love to do a pre-purchase inspection for you.

    happy shopping.

    there's a saying in the sport : ride a gixxer or get beat by one!

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