Big Sister Bike Wash Saturday, June 25
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Thread: Big Sister Bike Wash Saturday, June 25

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    flying busa

    Thumbs up Big Sister Bike Wash Saturday, June 25

    Hi Gang,
    Just want to give you the heads up that there will be a charity Bike Wash for Big Sisters this year. Here are the details.

    Date: Saturday, June 25
    Time: 12:30pm to 4:00pm
    Where: Carter Motorsports by Granville Island
    Cost: Donations

    this Bike Wash is Sponsored by Corrie Miller and myself...we've invited the Big Sisters and Little Sisters as well as the Hot Chicks to participate.

    Please come out for this very worthy cause.
    Ps...if there are any girls wanted to participate please pm me...all girls will receive a little something for their time and hard work..
    Thanks gang.

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    Do we have to wear bikinis?

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    None right now...
    Of course you do...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffin
    Do we have to wear bikinis?
    What kinda silly question! You don't HAVE to wear anything!
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    bikinis and clothes optional....keep in mind it will be very hot out and you don't wanna get those clothes wet!

    I'll be there to have my bike washed!!

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    Zippy Girl
    Count me in Julia - I just penciled it into my calendar

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    flying busa
    Thanks'll be fun and I'll have goodies for all of you.

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    Count me in my bike it hardly ever too dirty from all my trips to starbucks and gas station but I'll make a donation just the same.
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    Darn it all together, I just washed all the winter grime and sniglets off the DL.....

    Maybe I'll spin down come the time for a wash/donation.
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    flying busa
    cool...keep that dirt on gang....we need your support

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    I will definetly be there for the good cause.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flying busa
    cool...keep that dirt on gang....we need your support
    mmmm.... that shouldn't be too hard... my bike's never clean...
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    I think my yellow bike could use a bit of TLC from some hot chicks!!! Can someone help me put chain wax on the chain after?????

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    flying busa
    Hi Gang,

    Just an update Big Sister Bike Wash, Saturday, June 25 @ Carter Motorsports on Granville Island.
    This event is sponsored by Corrie Miller and she will be there washing bikes with Big Sisters and Little Sister's between 12:30pm and 4:00pm.
    We're welcoming any girls that could help with the bike wash and any guys that would like to volunteer their time to help the girls move the bikes.

    All the proceeds will go to the Big Sister's Organization
    . Any help is appreciated.

    If you can find some time to help please send me a pm. Corrie would love to see as many of us out there helping. Just show up at Carter's on Granville before 12:30pm and Corrie and Lori can organize the event.

    So gang, bring your dirty bikes down to Carter a Big Sister bike wash it's by donation. thanks gang.

    After the Bike Wash the Swan is holding a BIG SISTER OPEN HOUSE. We will be talking about our 3 Day Ride for Big Sisters. The ride goes to Silver Star, Naksup and backroads home. Come join us for more fun afterwards.

    Here are the details. BIG SISTER OPEN HOUSE @ the Swan
    time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
    bq: by donations

    Everyone Welcome

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    flying busa
    Hey Gang,
    Just a reminder Saturday, June 25 Corrie Miller, The Big Sisters Organization with some little sisters and some of our girls will be at Carter Motorsports next to Granville ready to clean your machines.

    So bring your bikes down between 12:00pm and 4:00pm and say hi to Corrie and get your bikes washed for a good cause.

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