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    Dropped Helmet

    NewB Question....I recently purchased a new helmet and had it hanging off my mirror, and of course, it falls to the concrete, landing on the air vent and chipping the paint. Now it is beginning to flake off. Any idea's how I can seal the paint so it doesn't continue to flake? I had one suggestion to use clear nail polish. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


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    It can only be cleansed in the sacred fires, according to the prophesies.

    Not sure about the nail polish but you might want to phone up someone who paints helmets. I'd imagine the type of finish would determine the type of finish.
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    Cosmetic damage? pfft. Those are just battlescars. Just tell everyone it happened when you were having a Crotchrocket fight A la "Torque". haha

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    I hear ya Scott...just sucks ....If anyone asks..I was going soooooooo fast the paint came off !

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