My first track day!!
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Thread: My first track day!!

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    My first track day!!

    Just got back from the Pacific Raceway in Seattle where i did the Pacific Super Sport Riders track course! Awesome track, great instructors, perfect weather, sweet bikes......a great experience!!
    -the raceway is about 20mins past Seattle, and the day cost $195 US including lunch.
    -Instructor to student ratio was a bout 1:3. I had an instructor all to myself.
    -minor bike tech required-no wiring or replacing fluids
    -Aprilias, Ducatis, Triumphs, VFR 800's, plus all the usual bikes
    -plenty of track time- 20min sessions, about 6 in all with chats inbetween and chances to get one on one instructor time in the afternoon.

    Might have to sell my left kidney to do more track days.

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    hey, that's something i'd like to try doing. is there a website for more info???

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    Sounds great bluestone! Oh man...I can't wait to start hitting the track. $195 USD is pretty steep though...but it's good since you're getting all the instruction. How much for just a regular track day at Pacific Raceway?
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    i need a new bike.
    let's see some pics !

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    I wish.
    Ya man, surely you got some pics and video footage?
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    believe it or not.......i didn't bring the video cam....I'm sorry i know i should have, i just thought that i wouldn't have the time! i didn't know the format of the day,. how relaxed it was going to be, if i'd be camping, etc.. so i didn't want to have to worry about the camera.... the next time i go though! I'll bring it for sure!
    and for any of you who are considering bringing a cam to your track courses, DO IT!!! plenty of time!

    i met a guy who had a sweet camera from but undortunately it costs about $300 Cad. I wana look into it cause it would be an awesome learning tool, not to mention the sweet vids in general.

    as for the cost of a regular track day...the website is but i don't remember seeing any info about that.

    i'm considering doing the PSSR course at PIR on October 11, but i'm not sure.

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