spring rattling noise
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Thread: spring rattling noise

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    spring rattling noise

    Please excuse the "untechnical" terms...

    I have these little springs on a few stops on my exhaust, hooked on both ends to little loops, the loops are welded to the exhaust.

    Ever since my pipe was removed (and put back on subsequently) to fix the oil pan, the little springs make a rattling noise when I am on the throttle. I think they are just vibrating against the pipe.

    Any idea how I can fix that (a quick fix, as I'm going on a 2 day riding trip tonight)? The rattling is kinda high pitched and very annoying...

    Thank you for your help/input!

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    Are they loose enough that you can rattle them with your hand? If so then the springs may have been over stretched by the shop I'm afraid. The long term fix is to get new springs and I'd suggest that the shop should provide them or at least share in the cost.

    For the short term the fix would be to add some safety wire or other thin wire to pull then into some tension so they can't rattle. It'll have to be wire as they will be getting far too hot to use anything other than metal or some other non meltable material. If you use small size electrical wire strip off the insulation.

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