Changing the park light task ....
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Thread: Changing the park light task ....

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    Changing the park light task ....

    Is it possible to change the signal lights on a Yamaha 600 so that they glow during riding instead of being "off"? Would you use dual filliment light bulbs??

    I like the look of them on and I'd prefer the little extra lighting if I got caught riding in the evening/night time.

    Thanks for any help
    I love the sound of an idling bike early in the morning

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    On a lot of bikes, the front or rear signals are already on and act as side markers.
    Dual filament bulbs are not a bad idea (to keep drivers from getting confused) but you still need to set the circuit so that its live when the signal is turned off.

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    If the rear signals are signal filament then you will need to add a relay to the system somewhere. It will work but it'll take a bit of fiddling.

    Try this LINK. for more information on wiring a running light.

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