Leave It Stock Or Modify
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Thread: Leave It Stock Or Modify

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    Jul 2002

    Leave It Stock Or Modify

    OK Guys & Gals, this is where I need your input .
    I'm doing a little market research.
    1) What make/model/year
    2) I need to know if you modify your bike? or leava it stock?
    3) What do you modify, and whats a reasonable budget for you?
    4) Comments on pros/cons of stock vs. modify.

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    Jul 2002
    1990 kan-o-tuna
    2001 Sv650s. I keep it 99% stock.
    The only mods I plan to do it windscreen and maybe turn signals.

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    Feb 2002
    I wish.
    Brada, I think a quick look through the BCBikes section would answer your question. I would guess most people have no idea what their budget is because they spend it excitedly and don't entirely plan for bike mods.

    And the cons are obviously 'mint/stock' resale vs. mod'd... and as we know the more you mod, the less it's worth for the most part.
    BCSB- Administrator

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    1)i ride a '01 honda cbr929rr
    2)mild modification
    pcIII,double bubble and steering stabilizer(workin' on it)
    4)pros-i am trying to make the bike smoother and easier to ride.power is not a big concern as it is a 900cc.the exhaust for the sound and lookas much as power.
    cons-the empty wallet left behind!!

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    Mar 2002
    A couple of Suzukis
    2002 Kawasaki ZX-6R.

    I think I'm the opposite of you Brada...I like my bikes stock.

    I've got a can, that's about it. I don't like flushmounts, or undertails, or fancy stickers, or any of that stuff.

    Mods I would do? If I had a bike with more aggressive steering geometry, I would get a steering dampener. Some suspension mods might be on the way in the next couple of years. Brake-lines, and better rotors/pads possibly. I don't want to mess with the motor...if I want more power, I'd rather just upgrade cc's to a 750 or 1000. Also might get better rubber (next go-around) and a full (Hindle?) exhaust for a bit more noise.
    Maybe Mediocre
    BCSB - I hate you

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    Wh0re Array redDevil's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    It's red
    '02 F4i.

    No mods yet but planning on new exhaust, PCIII, K&N and undertail kit.

    Probably nothing after that except a band-aid for that scratch on my right fairing. (ala atomlowe )
    Groovy baby

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    sumfing nekkid
    I don't know if this will help...but here it is:

    Ride in peace my friends...

    Being a road crayon sucks....put your gear between you and the pavement.

    WTD: Hot girls with low morals. Own transportation a plus. Sufferers of yellow fever considered first. PM/email me for details.

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    Only mods that make the bike easier to turn, lighter, handle better, and have more power. In that order. So I will modify the shit out of my next street bike.
    Of course if I get a GSXR1000 I'll have plenty of power....but the rest will only take time and money.

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    Jul 2002
    chilliwack b.c.
    99 kawasaki zx6r
    On my 99 ZX6R For exhaust I have a carbon yoshi slip on and a tinted screen.Future mods will be polished swing arm,braided brake lines and tires.

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    www.bcstunters.com Array skid-mark's Avatar
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    Mar 2002

    Stock sucks ass... what's the point in leaving it so impersonal. Everyone adds something, be it a sticker, or a full paintjob, etc...
    You stock lovers are sooo boring, hahaha

    I have no budget... I just get what I can afford at the time... like the full Hindle that I have coming on order, oh man I hope it gets here soon My only hangup is paying someone to work on my bike... I've done everything to it except the paint (I did the bodywork). I'll have the rims polished this winter, and the remapping when I install the exhaust, but that's it besides major engine work..

    My wasted money got me this crap (1999 GSXR 750):

    -TRE switch
    -Polished parts: frame, rims, gascap, 3ple tree, etc...
    -some parts of frame painted as well
    -2002 R6 rear brake pump
    -dot5 fluid
    -backing on speedo faces
    -wheelie light
    -modified fairings (cuts here and there)
    -plexiglass taillight with integrated turn signals
    -Attack Rearsets
    -LP speedscreen
    -tinted flushmounts up front
    -aluminum rear sprocket (stock tooth count) and 2 extra hubs with +2 and -2 tooth counts
    -new DID chain
    -frame sliders
    -hollow handlebars with no barends and progrips
    -carb-graphix tank stickers/covers (for standing on, hehe)
    -leather seats
    (replaced entire rear end due to a flipped wheelie)

    To do list:

    -Full system (on its way!)
    -aftermarket rims (like Jon Jons in the 12'oclock video... man what nice spokes on those rims)
    -get the stock rims polished and keep em as backups
    -re-polish the frame
    -polish and install new swingarm (it's in my garage, I'm just too lazy to polish it) and put on the swingarm spools
    -carbon fiber front fender
    -undertail exhaust... if I can modify my hindle...
    -wave rotors up front
    -drilled rear rotor
    -polished brake calipers
    -braided steel brake lines
    -new steering dampner
    -undercut the tranny?!?... aftermarket cams?!?... kinda overkill, eh?
    -NOS, hehe... i doubt it...
    -fiberglass (or carbonfiber fairings)... and maby some custom work seeing how that crazy monocoque ZX9-R got me thinking

    I can't belive I rememberad all that... and more is always being added...I'm at work now anyways so I'm getting paid to type this, hahaha, what a slow friday

    And I have to get a DRZ400 and do that up motard style soon!!!

    3 DAY WEEKEND WOOOOHOOOOOO, later bitches
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    Jul 2002
    BatCave in Van
    2002 CBR600F4i

    Already changed windscreen to Lockhart Phillips double bubble.
    Deflects alot of wind over you than the stock one.
    Went with clear tail-light assembly. Seemed brighter than stock to me.
    Going to add frame-sliders... for peace of mind about fairing.
    Exhaust... definitely. Bike is so quiet.
    Would not mind the benefit in lighter bike either.
    Thinking about full exhaust job. Will it be worth it ???
    Be Happy for this moment.... This moment is your life.

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    If anything the pipe will make you louder , hence more noticable and visible to car drivers. More than likely a benifit of a power gain as well.

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    2000 rc51
    i modify, if i can 100% modify.
    ride to last not fast.

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    2002 GSXR1000

    I like the look of the bike stock so most of the mods are more internal rather than looks.

    Hindle bolt on exhaust - Sound, Power
    PCIII - Power
    Up one tooth rear sprocket - Power

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    skid-mark....What is a wheelie light?

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