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    RIP Flyer

    It wasn't a bike accident, but he was a biker with a 'blade, who knew how to ride it.
    It wasn't a Cage or a corner that caused it, but a moments indescretion in another love.
    He was a young, fantastic, frighteningly talented, amazing human being.
    He was widely assumed by most to be the next World Champion - he was Canada's champion 6 times over, in 2 different disciplines.
    This is the international Chris from Red Bull -
    Chris Muller
    and friday
    Though the sport involved is different, our decisions are the same, as can be the outcomes. My World is infinitely poorer for the loss of a fellow pilot. My love and thoughts go to Vincene, his mom. Choose carefully your decisions - it can happen to the very, very best of us.

    RIP Chris Muller

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    It sounds like he lived his life to the fullest, and that's more than a lot of people have done with a full expected life span. I hope his family and friends take comfort that he died doing what he loved.

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    From the Red Bull website

    "He flashes a big smile and adds, “Too many toys, and not enough time!”

    Dear God. How bittersweet to read that. I'm crying.

    You made some amazing contributions in your short lifetime, Chris Muller.
    ~ fly in peace ~
    RIP Julia, our shining light

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