Tach & Vacuum Bleeder?
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Thread: Tach & Vacuum Bleeder?

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    Tach & Vacuum Bleeder?

    I need to buy an all in one electronic tachometer / meter / tester suited for bikes. I already have a decent digital VOM but nothing specific to engines and bikes. Any suggestions that won’t break the bank?

    I also need to buy a vacuum type pump for bleeding brakes suitable for bikes

    Any suggestions for brand price and store that won’t break the bank but still functions well? I seem to remember a thread that may have refered to this sort of thing, but I can’t find it.

    Thanks much!

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    for the vacuum pump try KMS tools, I forget the brand name ( might be MightVac) they had a nice kit with a resovior cup and different adaptors, as for the meter it will depend on what your trying to measure, my Mac meter does everything from basic volts/Ohms/Amps to dwell, Hz duty cyle, live graphing, rpm, etc etc, but it was over 500 bux......
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    Yup, MightyVacs are good; the full kit with bleed adapters is well worth it.

    The OTC 100 is a good meter for the price; does all normal DMM functions as well as RPM and temp. If you want to spend some dough move up to a Fluke 88. Does is it all and then some for automotive. Really wanna spend your hard earned cash, Snap-on Vantage. This baby is really slick but you have to buy seperate adapters for the advanced functions (temp, pressure/vacuum, RPM, Ign wave patterns, high current draw, current ramping waveforms, etc...) but it CAN do it ALL! For home use, stick with an OTC 100. Should be able to get it from Lordco or KMS and it comes with everything you need for about $200-250.
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