Eye Exams, Eye Doctors and Riding
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Thread: Eye Exams, Eye Doctors and Riding

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    Eye Exams, Eye Doctors and Riding

    For those of you still "wet behind the ears," laser corrected, or under 40. This post will likrly have little interest.

    A noted Long Distance Ralliest and behind the scenes SCMA organizer Randy Quam and I had breakfast at the Swan 2 weeks ago. Randy is also a regular riding companion of Fury so his bona fidies should be well established.

    I casually mentioned that prior to this summer's Rallies I was going in for a vision test. Randy jumped in and told me to cancel my existing eye exam amd go see the eye doctor he had just seen.

    It seems he has found a eye doctor who understands the issues that motorcyclists face (especially older Rally riders ) and takes a huge amount of time in dealing with the setting up of one's glasses.

    My exam was 3 hours long and the senior technican there is a sportbike rider who understands the issues that older bi focaled riders in my case face.

    They set up a testing program that had my sitting hypothetically on my bike ( I was nicely chastized for not bring my bike so they could take accurate measurements).

    I was set up with a reading card to represent my tank bag map, GPS screen, and instrument panel and had my lenses built to give me all of those in view. Some of the tests I had never had before and I had been going to a MD who teaches at the UBC Med School.

    When it came to the eyeglasses purchase ( they do everything there ) Each pair that was shown to me was already approved as a pair that will stand up under helmet use and be comfortable. Shannon the technician knows what colour lenses work with certain tinted visors etc. They want me to bring my helmet in for the glasses fitting ... quite the experience overall.

    It was more expensive than a regular eye exam $125.00 I think, but worth the money. The glasses they sell are more costly and the lense work they do including having you out on the street with the test lenses on is worth it. My previous lense crafters purchases do not measure up to this glasses fitting experience.

    In case you want to know I saw Dr. Donna Mockler @ Pacific Eye Doctors 4292 Dunbar 604 739 2022 www.pacificeyedoctors.com
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    Thanks for the post. I am due for a checkup and new glasses.
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