Changing Wheel Bearings
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Thread: Changing Wheel Bearings

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    Changing Wheel Bearings

    I've decided to replace the front wheel bearings on my bike. Lately I've been hearing a strange howling from the front when cornering--it may just be the tire tread (the front tread is cupped--typical on the VFR), but I figured that the age/mileage of the bike is sufficient to warrant replacement anyways.

    Any hints/suggestions? I'll have a service manual in hand before I start (it's a '93 VFR if that matters).
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    Buy the bearings from a factors, they'll be much cheaper than from a bike dealer. Drop them in the freezer the night before and they'll knock in easier. Stick plenty of grease in them. Use a big socket to hammer on the outer race of the new bearing.

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    I would check to see if your bearings are rough and are in need of replacing. No need to replace if they are still good. I just changed my rear wheel bearings they are expensive even when I bought them at BC Bearing $25 a piece for a bearing that should be about $8 if it wasn't an odd ball size.

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