BMW k1200R or Ducati Monster S4R?
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Thread: BMW k1200R or Ducati Monster S4R?

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    BMW k1200R or Ducati Monster S4R?

    What do you guys think is a better bike. Both are around $20 000, and have similar riding style and look. Well actuaully i think the bmw k1200r looks better but... its no ducati. What are some opinions?

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    Other than both being naked I don't think they look anything alike. The Monster's styling is IMHO much more classic and mean as it were. The BMW... well if you like that sort of alien styling then more power to you.

    From a maintenance standpoint I think the BMW wins on servicing frequency and reliability but what do I know?
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    If I had the money, and I don't, I would buy the Ducati.

    But, for that price, you could buy 2 other, possibly better bikes. Maybe a Triumph Speed Triple and a slighty used Z1000. That should get you about $20K.
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    -wonderful sound
    -classic styling (though if you're talking about an S4, the plumbing/rad spoils it somewhat)
    -lighter, more nimble, more sporty

    -more power
    -looks are, well, interesting (I like it)
    -not looking after a chain is a wonderful thing
    -servicing *might* be less frequent/expensive
    -probably more comfortable and suited to long trips (easier to attach luggage)
    -more passenger friendly

    I think that if you already like the looks of the BMW better (and the subjective is almost always important when buying a bike) then go for it. Objectively, it might be a better choice because it's probably more versatile.

    If I were considering either of these, I'd take a long look at the new Speed Triple (as Bora20 suggested) as well.

    Good luck!
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    ooh ooh ooh .. me .. me!

    ducati m1000s if u r after that sort of thing .. the new trumpet speed triple is considered THE naked hooligan .. i'd get a ktm superduke if u can from usa .. canada ain't getting it in near future .. u cld meet it in the middle w/ moto guzzi v11 naked or bilabio (shaftdriven 6 speed, vtwin 1064cc .. 90chp .. looks like a cafe racer .. $11500 in canada ..

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