Floater plates with icbc
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Thread: Floater plates with icbc

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    Floater plates with icbc

    floater plate are what we refer to as insurance that u can transfer the plate from one item to another. Ie the 2 bikes one plate idea.

    this is directly from icbc's private web site for brokers:

    Q: Why doesn't ICBC offer a Utility Trailer floater plate policy for those people with small boat, box, snowmobile, and general utility trailers? Having to issue two or three sets of documents and plates is more costly than it is worth.

    A: Unfortunately, ICBC is currently not able to offer utility trailer floater licence plates, as they present enforcement difficulties. Due to technical limitations, police can't query these plates via their onboard computers.

    If they cannot offer this type of policy on a simple trailer they will never be able to offer it on a bike. You can only drive one car at a time so why dont they offer it on cars too. ICBC i dont think will ever have a floater plate.

    Just a feeling but i would like to hear your opinions!

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    we need a geek to write a 4 line script.....

    ....also embed the script to let me go everytime I get pulled over .
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