Warning for 200th street RCMP traps
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Thread: Warning for 200th street RCMP traps

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    Warning for 200th street RCMP traps

    The last 2 nights there have been half a dozen (YES SIX) speed traps between Hwy 1 and Hwy 10 along 200th street. I saw a poor yellow/blk F4 get pulled over yesterday..

    Anyways... I strongly suggest going the limit on that stretch for the moment... it's such an easy road to open er up but the boys in blue are on it like a fly on sh!t.

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    It seems like the cops are coming out in force lately; seen a couple speed traps and HOV-patroling minions (not that those checking HOV lanes affect bikers!).
    Must be the nice weather.
    Complimentary Brainwashing and detailing.

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    got busted last month right after 264th on hwy#1 going east... $368 for excessive speeding
    could of been worse though
    was breaking 2 "n" restrictions, and it was a construction zone, so he let me off ez... plus he showed me how to use the radar gun in the back of the police car while waiting for the tow truck driver...

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    I saw them on the south side of the Alex Fraser on the weekend, just waiting for speeders to apex the bridge and get nailed. They were pulling them over like it was a parking lot.

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    Whenever i head over the Patullo bridge, i ALWAYS see them on the Surrey side of the bridge, stopping people on their way into Surrey. They have a really good little spot behind some shrubbery.

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