Speeding ticket FAQ's.........sticky???
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Thread: Speeding ticket FAQ's.........sticky???

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    Speeding ticket FAQ's.........sticky???

    This will become a topic of frequent discussion and no doubt endless repeat conversations this summer as most noob members (and some regulars) dont know what a search button does or how to do an advanced thread title search.

    I'm just going to list off some points here, if you disagree them, discuss, and well see if we cant edit these and make an article out of this or at least a sticky as there are a few LEO's on this board. Feel free to add as desired based on your experience or knowledge.

    situation 1

    You have been busted for excessive speeding (or something similar) and cop gives you a break, is it wise to dispute?

    Not unless you are being wrongly convicted and have a good story to backup your claim to fame. Otherwise the JP has the option of INCREASING the fine already listed on yout ticket.
    Also, the JP is aware of which cops tend to be lenient and know who gives breaks to speeders, so if your LEO was one of them, and you in there arguing over a 115$ ticket that was a 398$ one... good luck.

    situation 2

    I just got a (justified) ticket, should I dispute????

    How much were you speeding? Are you a student?
    Most of the cops these days will show up in court, and in some jurisdictions they dont have to even be physically present so dont count on the no-show factor.
    JP's also have BS meters and tend to look down upon riders just like LEO's will aim a laser/radar at a bike over a car when a choice is given.

    If you can prove youre student, you might have some recourse but even then you still have to pay something.
    Mature motorcyclists tend to view the odd speeding ticket as 'speed tax'. You pay the fine for doing the crime.
    If you find yourself on the receiving end of numerous tickets, your riding habits need to be taken into question. Sitting on a 100+ hp machine on wheels takes maturity to stay legal. I'm in my 4th year of riding with no speeding tickets to show for and no I dont ride slow, I just pick my spots.

    situation 3

    Is it a good idea to run from cops to avoid a ticket???

    The definition of 'running' from the fuzz I will define as having the constable following you with lights and sirens for at least 5 seconds.
    For example, if your flying along and you see a cop turn his lights on while going in the opposite direction and you keep going pretending you didnt see anything, and take a side road on your left, that doesent really qualify as a chase - yet. If he finds you and pursues you, then yes.

    If you crash with the fuzz in active pursuit, ICBC has the option of not covering you or when those you may have taken out in the process decide to sue.
    Furthermore, even though you are riding a small vehicle, you still present a yourself as a highspeed projectile. People have died in their cars with collisions involving bikes.
    Yes, the city guys will call off a chase if its a busy area, thats not news, but in those first 5-10 seconds, a lot can go wrong. And who is to say someone didnt get your licence plate down.

    situation 4

    Why did the cop write me such a huge ticket????

    When the police pull someone over, a lot goes on. Your record is checked, and your driving history is pulled. This allows the cop to profile the offendor even b4 stepping out of their vehicle.
    Case in point, a driver in a modified civic (with a 4" Fart can exhaust) and a suspect driving record who starts with an attitude will possibly have their car inspected as well as a hefty fine. A traffic cop will find something wrong with stock vehicles if you give them reason to.

    Similarly, motorcyclist are also targeted.
    Experienced cops will take note of the riders age, motorcycle, time of day, traffic conditions, what gear (if any) the rider is wearing.
    Example, a 19 year old on an R6 wearing shorts, sandals with a tshirt flying down marine drive will probably get a nice suprise where as a 40 year old in a ST1300 wearing full gear might get off with just a warning.
    Some cops have a hate for bikers in general, thats just the way it goes, we as riders have to be aware of others who give our community a bad name.

    If you know the cop has made a mistake, dont start an argument on the side of the road. Cops dont normally engage in multiple ticketing but that doesent mean they wont do it. This is where the ticket dispute function comes in. State your piece in front of the JP.

    situation 5

    I didnt sign the ticket or the ticket has some minor typo/error in it......can I dispute this??

    Signature is not required. The officer may write 'served' or something on the ticket in place of your name. A signature is almost a formality these days.
    Small typos will get you nowhere, however if the error is sufficient enough, (like a COMPLETELY wrong last name, date off by 2 days, location on the otherside of town)......then you can take it infront of the JP.

    Note that for some errors, the JP might pose a question to the effect of "where you driving this vehicle at this time?"....... you will have to answer one way or another.

    Dont forget that there are only a few courthouses in the LM to go to, and that lost wages might not workout in your favour.
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    most of those are arguable/debatable...
    my opinion/experience is different from most of those, as are most peoples i would think...

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    Sticky it! I think a lot of people would be asking questions about this when they get one or just wondering about it.

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    We have stickied a "Why can't i post in some forums" thread in the questions forum and it hasn't helped at all, why would people cause 10 seconds of eyestrain reading the titles of stickied threads when they can save the lost brain cells by making a new thread for us to answer at their beck and call?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehump
    most of those are arguable/debatable...
    my opinion/experience is different from most of those, as are most peoples i would think...
    How, explain??

    These are general scenarios, some peoples' cases are unique of course since the cops are subject to various forms of influence.
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    You should add

    "I didn't sign the ticket, can i dispute?"

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