Rider Down At Hwy 99 and River Road
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Thread: Rider Down At Hwy 99 and River Road

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    Rider Down At Hwy 99 and River Road

    Was on my way to work on Thursday at 4:00pm and came across a Harley rider that had been hit by a limo (of all things) where the HOV lane for 99 dog legs across River road just before the tunnel. He was consiense (sp) but was laying on his back not moving and already had about 6 people standing around him trying to help. The ambulance, etc had not arrived yet but not knowing first aid and being already late for work I decided to leave. Hope he's alright.Anybody hear anything about it? Is he ok?
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    Nothing on the news, that makes the total to 3 for the number of bike related wrecks yesterday in the lower mainland: this one, plus the fatality on boundary plus one more in Maple Ridge.

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    I was with a friend of mine yesterday who is a firefighter and his pager went off twice within 10 minutes of each other, both motorcycle related MVA's......

    Lets be safe out there guys...no more accident threads please its breaking my heart!

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    None right now...
    And a great big to the Vancouver Sun for putting a 3"x3" "look out for motorcyclists" reminder in the paper this morning. Two thirds of which are statistics that are questionable, and all of which make it look like motorcyclists are a bunch of yahoos. Great reporting.
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