Driving on the sholder on highway 1
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Thread: Driving on the sholder on highway 1

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    Big Stick

    Driving on the sholder on highway 1

    Any body know what kinda fines the popo give out for riding on the sholder, i get my new bike on moday and drive the burnaby everyday 4 school, i am cing atleast 5 bikes a day pass on the sholder and was wondering if anyone knew or has had a encounter with the five o for doing this?

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    passing on the right is 3 points and 150ish isn't it? or it was a couple years ago when i encountered it

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    I think it's like 109 bucks...not sure ask Greenspy he got one a few weeks ago....(in the car though)...Pretty sure it was $109...
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    Pass on Right of Roadway MVA 158(7)(b) $109 -$25 if payed within 30 days ($84.00).

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    The last time this was debated, it seemed that there was no specific prohibition
    about passing on the left, since it was a single line.

    Passing on the right is a no-no.

    If you do get a ticket for passing on the left, keep your mouth shut and don't
    argue, it'll be interesting to see what you offence they try to ticket you for.

    Keep us posted.

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    If your bike is aircooled they may be a little more lenient. At least that's what all the Harley riders probably use as an excuse. But don't blast down there like it's a race track or they'll hit you with a tax ticket for sure.

    Good luck if it's a water cooled bike with a fan and the guy knows his bikes....
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    I got one....Passing on the right = $109 ....good luck!

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