Kart track welcomes SuperMoto
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Thread: Kart track welcomes SuperMoto

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    Kart track welcomes SuperMoto

    So, today after ripping around BB all day having a great time, a couple of us decided to drop by the Kart track in Tswassaann (however you spell it). First we asked the guy if we could take our bikes on the track. After a bit of a funny look he said "sure you can take anything you want on the track as long as you pay for your session." Then we asked about renting the track for an afternoon or a day of Super Moto. Basically they do not want to tie the track up with one group at any time. So, anytime any number of us can go down there, give the guy $50 and get in line for your session. Each session is 10min and your $50 gives you the whole day, and night if you work it out with the guys (they can run until about 10pm, it's lit). The track is really tight and technical so, trust me when I say 10min is more than enough for a Moto. The track is not very wide, but just wide enough for a couple of bikes to mix it up side by each. Passing is very difficult unless the guy in front makes a pretty big mistake. I had such a great time I decided to pick up a 15 visit membership for $250. That works out to $16.66 per visit, and I can set up and ride all day long if I like.

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    Let me know when you're headed out there again. I'd love to come play!

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    Fuckin eh! Nice work.

    I'd definately like to check it out next month sometime...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasman
    I had such a great time I decided to pick up a 15 visit membership for $250. That works out to $16.66 per visit, and I can set up and ride all day long if I like.
    Just as I thought.....CHEEEEEETIN BASTARD ! you'll probably take a mountian bike around it so you don't miss a ripple in the pavement, and then probably a skate board ,just to confirm your findings Gas man , How the hell are we interior folk supposed to compete with you ?
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    ohhhhh ... I am in on that ...
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