Madura 1200 forks/seals replacements
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Thread: Madura 1200 forks/seals replacements

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    Madura 1200 forks/seals replacements

    I am posting this for a friend who has a 1985 Suzuki Madura 1200. He had his fork seals replaced (both sides done, only one side was leaking) but when he went to test them out both sides leaked like a sieve. These are air forks and the recommended pressure is about 3-4 psi. Anyways he phoned the guy who did the job and was told that the tubes were scratched up but thought the seals would hold. Is there a trick to doing the seals on this particular model? I've searched the Madura specific sites but nothing concrete. He's also wondering if there are other forks (his are 41mm) that would be a straight swap? Thanks in advance for any and all replies and info.
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    If the tubes are scratched up, that's probably the problem right there.

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    Yup, another heap with the endless problems associated with an older bike. Regardless of mileage, the thing is 20 years old now. The chrome plating on the fork legs has to be pretty thin by now.

    There's absolutely nothing secial to those forks; they are typical 70s technology pogo sticks. Replacing a seal on those is as easy as it gets. Sadly, if they are scratched up too bad, they'll need replating or replacement.


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