1982 Cx500
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    1982 Cx500

    good, bad, indifferant?
    ill try gettin some pix of it.

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    I assume you're looking for opinions on bike you may buy?
    I owned a GL500 for a short period of time,very similar bike,identical motor but different rear suspension.
    My impression=very nice smooth power and sound for a 500(engine wise i like it 100x better than a ninja 500). Handling=downright awful. bike is top heavy and has a strong shaft effect. These 500's are also well known for water pump seal leaks.
    There were also a couple different CX500 variations, if you found a CX500E (e-eurpsport) grab it,sportiest of that bunch. the CX500C-(c-custom)-the cruiser of the bunch, i think would handle even gayer than my GL. and theres a standard version somewhere in between.
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    Old school 600cc 6 speed, dual front discs, cheap, bullet-proof and a lot of fun to ride. Great first bike.

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