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    Pazzo Levers Group Buy

    I am not sure where to put this, so Mods, please move or trash as you see fit and let me know. Thanks in advance.

    First, I am not organizing the Pazzo Levers Group Buy, so please do not message me about it.

    Secondly, you can learn all about the Group Buy here:

    Thirdly, you must be a member to be part of the Group Buy, but you can purchase any levers that he makes, so tell your Honda/Suzuki/Yamaha/Triumph friends to join up and sign up.

    I am going to get a pair and just wanted to let everyone know that they can save about $25+shipping on the levers this way.

    A very special thanks to a certain "BCSB user" for the lever pic below.
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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    I picked them up today! Same as picture above.

    Here is the GB info for all that have PM'd me and don't want to be a kawiforum member:

    Hello Markus from Pazzo Racing here.
    Please read this entire post and follow the instructions carefully, to avoid any confusion.
    I have been asked by a handful of members to start a group buy on this forum.
    This is what I need everybody to do who is in on the group buy.
    It will run until midnight 11:59:59 pm(PST) May 9th, 2005, 10days.
    If you are in ( this is important) I will need you to send me an email at

    with the words "Kawi group buy" typed in the subject box along with "your forum username".
    All emails must have the following information in them so I know who I am responding to.The best is if you copy and paste this template in your email to me'
    (Don't forget to fill in the info requested)

    Kawi Forum username:
    Lever length;(long or shorty Pick one)
    Lever color w/ tab color:

    Color choices;
    Black w/gold tabs
    Black w/black tabs
    Black w/silver(unanodized)tabs
    Gold w/black tabs
    Red w/black tabs
    Blue w/ black tabs
    or Silver(unanodized) w/black tabs
    All color combos come in either long or shorty version.
    All colors and models in stock and ready to ship.

    You can go to the website to see pics.
    Or send me an email and I send you a specific pic of a specific color.

    I will then reply to to your email with a # and with payment instructions and shipping details.
    I will periodically update at what # we are up to or you can post your # in this thread so others know at what # we are at.
    Payment can be made in US dollars only with PayPal or internationl money order.No personal cheques.The faster you pay the faster you get your levers
    Very important Also put your # somewhere on the PayPal payment
    Again you must send me an email and get a # or you are not on the list,I have used this method many times and it works well.

    The price is fixed at $139.99 USD for a pair, shipping included to the USA and Canada.
    International shipping (ie;The rest of the world)add $10.00
    Blue and red tabs are also available, but are a custom order with a $10.00 USD surcharge. (so $149.99 USD if you want blue or red tabs)
    Mixing long and short levers(ie; short brake and long clutch) is also an additional $10.00 USD surcharge
    The interest has been pretty good here so I don't think getting 15 people to join in will be a problem.
    If we hit 25 people I will raffle off one pair, meaning the winner will get his money refunded.
    After the group buy ends.Those #'s of the people who have paid will be put in a hat and we will draw a # here at the shop.
    And he or she gets their levers for free, but only if we hit 25 #'s paid.
    So, lets get the email storm rolling.
    Regards Markus

    Here your #'s and paid and shipped status.

    Sparkie your # 1 Paid
    Rollerized your # 2 Paid
    TapnRack your # 3
    Ken Yellow 02 your # 4 Paid
    billas double r your # 5 Paid
    Bluedrgn your # 6 Paid
    runrunsupreza your # 7
    mike smith your # 8
    guamaniac your # 9 paid
    wharthog3 your # 10
    Bora20 your # 11 Paid and picked up
    WBR6 your # 12
    QUARKZ your # 13 paid
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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