Whats the difference?
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Thread: Whats the difference?

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    Whats the difference?

    Between a Bandit 650S and the SV650S?

    Also ive found a few VFR's in ontario. Theyre all around the 4-6k mark, but their years and mileage differs greatly.
    1994 VFR750 11400kms $4995
    1990 VFR750 52500kms $3900
    2000 VFR800 54000kms $5500

    What is the difference? And whats uh... "better" new high Kms, or older low kms?

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    BTW-Bandit is a 600, not a 650.
    Difference=they're a complete different bike from the SV
    SV=liquid cooled V-twin motor,aluminum frame,very popular bike with lots of aftermarket stuff for it.
    Bandit=steel tube frame, 4-cylinder inline motor with air/oil cooling,basically same as in the 88'-89' Katana 600. Not near as many aftermarket parts, not near as much bottom-end grunt,doesnt sound near as cool.BUT, the
    Bandit is a way comfier bike than the SV650S.
    As for VFR's, pretty much all 90+ 750 models are good, know nothing about non-v-tech 800's.
    VFR 750's can go well over 100 thousand km if maintained. aparently 94+ had better suspension than 90-93.

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    I think the new Bandit is a 650?

    WRT VFRs: the mechanicals aren't a concern unless the mileage is huge--it's the other stuff that can add up if it isn't well-maintained. A late model, high-miler VFR with recently replaced consumables (chain, sprockets, tires, brakes, etc) would be a good deal IMO. I was running mine out a Boundary Bay today and at 163000km, the last thing I'm worried about is the motor blowing up.

    That 2000 would be a smokin' deal if it has been maintained reasonably well and it isn't bent out of shape. The low price suggests that not all is well, but you never know.
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    The Bandit comes in 650 models this year.

    Simply put, the Bandit is more for touring and comfort. It has adjustable seat and bar height, an inline 4 engine, and a very upright bench for riding.

    The SV is a twin that is a little more agressive in seating. I'd go for the SV if you want more of a sport bike. Otherwise, you can get the Bandit if you want more comfort.

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    I had a Bandit back when they were only 600cc. The new ones are basically the same but with a bit more grunt. I'd pick the SV over the B6 for city work, the B6 over the SV for hyway work and the SV over the B6 for racing (or sporty riding on the street) and if I was going to be stuck with just one bike....that would depend. If I liked to travel then the B6 otherwise the SV.

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