After market and stock headers... whats the big diff?
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Thread: After market and stock headers... whats the big diff?

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    After market and stock headers... whats the big diff?

    Hey, my friend is looking into getting a new pipe for his 2001 gsf 1200.... right now he has the stock header, and is lookin into gettin a slip on, but he wants to know whats the big diff between a stock and aftermarket header...

    is the aftermarket one wider? as it it lets more air pass through?
    is there going to be a big diff of sound and hp if he take a slip on vs a full sys?

    is the full sys worth the $$?


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    I know weight is one of the reasons... aftermarket ones are generally a lot lighter. They are also probably tuned in some way to improve performace of the bike, (however that works).. but usually only after you have properly configured your jetting or fuel injection.

    A slip on will usually bring very small gains in power, whereas a full system will produce more substantial ones. Again, this is only after the jetting/FI has been properly adjusted to the new hardware

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    More Flow, less restriction = more power

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