flooded cylinder:causes?
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Thread: flooded cylinder:causes?

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    flooded cylinder:causes?

    hey y'all! my bike hasn't been running smoothly the past couple of days, so i finally had time to tinker with it. pulled the plugs and noticed that 1 was quite wet, but the other 3 were fine. started it after i expunged the gas from said flooded cylinder and now it's running fine again.

    this is probably the 2nd time where i've had a flooded cylinder...what am i doing that causes that?

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    I wouldn't say you are doing it but if you insist then you are not doing Carb mtce often enough. Remove carbs, clean, inspect, adjust float levels. If the float levels are set too high gasoline can overflow into the engine. This can also occur if the valve the floats operate is leaking. If that is the case you may need parts to repair.

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    Perhaps a weak spark on that cylinder that does not let the gas fire. And once it misses a couple of times the wet gas prevents any more firing?

    Or you may have a slightly and intermitently sticky float valve that allows that cylinder to run a higher gas level in the float chamber. If it runs OK most of the time then the float level is OK but it may be sticking now and then. Next time it happens try shutting it down, rap the body of that carb a few good ones with the handle of a screwdriver and then drain out a bit of the gas to bring the level down. Restart the engine and see how it runs. If it's fixed then plan a tear down of that carb and check very carefully for some sign of sticking at some sort of odd angles or something.
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