Schmidtastic at it again!
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Thread: Schmidtastic at it again!

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    Schmidtastic at it again!

    Alan Schmidt cleaned up again in Portland
    It's gonna be awsome having him at Mission this coming weekend!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainman
    Wow, I read his write-up, sounds like this might be his last season. I hope he can find a balance, racing takes it's toll on a normal family lifestyle. I think he's gonna lay the smack down this weekend!, watch out Steve, Mark, etc!
    It takes a lot of sacrifices to make it to where Alan is today in his racing career, especially considering the fact that he's been racing almost exclusively in the States since he began (lots of money and lots of travel).

    Best of luck to him this coming weekend at Mission.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saturnin
    yah....prolly got some gas into the carbs n' shit...

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    I don't know anything about his retirement, but he's one of the nicest guys I've met in the pits over the years. I expect a little excitement from his visits this year, because he might be nice and quiet, but give the little guy a fast bike, and watch out!!
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