Spring Cleaning Sale
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    Spanish Pants

    Spring Cleaning Sale

    Ok, i lost my job this week. so now more than ever this stuff has to go.

    email me if you're interested and i;ll send picture of the stuff not shown
    pm me or email at agarcia@shaw.ca.

    Stereo Cabinet $40
    47 inches tall x 21 wide X 16 deep. 4 shelves of of which are adjustable. 2
    sliding cd racks

    Ikea Side table 24 wide x 24 wide X 17 inches tall. solid wood $ 20

    Ikea Folding Dining Table. 17 inches tall X 36 long X 24 wide Closed $ 40
    17 inches tall X 48 long X 36 wide Open

    Wooden framed art print thing with matting. the cover is glass
    it measures 34inch X 26inch or 86cm X 61cm. $35

    Mini Speaker stands (these were part of the Energy mini rearspeaker setup)
    $ 25 47 inches tall

    Hobby Charger $15

    Peavey Audition Plus Practice Amp 20watts $ 45

    Ibanez Distortion Pedal $ 15

    Western Arms Airsoft Pistol SV 3.9 inch .45 $150
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