Hey all,
Not really a sport bike but a great little dirtbike for those on a tight budget that runs beautifully and would be great for the kids...

It's a 1980 XL80s. It doesn't have any of the running lights or anything anymore so it is no good for the street. It's recently had it's motor rebuilt by Keep Ridin Motorsports. I've put maybe 20 min on it since then, so it hasn't even been broken in yet! A year ago or so I put a new front tire on it, a got a new very comfy seat with extra cushioning. New clutch cable and throttle cable. It really is a great little bike. I've had for so many years. It was my learner bike and I really cherished it and put a lot into it. I've never even riden it really with in the last couple years cause i've grown way to big for it, but I have fired it up and putzed on it thus accounting for the 20-30 mins or so on the rebuilt motor.

If there is any interest I can get pictures. I'm looking to get 1000ish obo but I am flexible. Just figured I would start somewhere. If you are at all interested PM and I'm sure we can work something out.

Thanks a lot guys., and all gals (can't forget all the sexy ladies out there ;-)