help! 02 cbr f4i engine swap!!
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Thread: help! 02 cbr f4i engine swap!!

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    Exclamation help! 02 cbr f4i engine swap!!

    my friend just crashed his 02 f4i and broke the engine, thankfully one of my friends still had his old engine from his last bike. were thinking about swapping the engine ourselves .. dont know if thats a good idea.. any suggestions or tips that will help us with the swap will be greatly appreciated .. thanks

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    drain the fluids first. Get a manual and have at 'er!
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    It's a Honda!!!
    do you have an extra rear passenger seat that is black??? Let me know!! Good luck with the engine swap

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    Same engine from same bike? Piece of cake....

    Disconnect all wires and hoses. Make notes as you go along. If you have a digital camera take pics of all the connectors, threading paths and anything else that you think may raise a question mark when the new one goes in so you can refer to the stuff.

    Be careful around the rad as it's very fragile. I suggest you remove that first once it's drained and set aside. After that just use common sense and remove whatever is in the way. Once you have the injector body throats open stuff paper towels down them to prevent any crap entering the engine that way. Same with the exhaust ports. And most importantly no one gets beer until there's only the last few screws left.....
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    What Master Bruce said.
    That and
    #1 whatever you do, DO NOT get your fingers in between the motor and the frame(or the ground) as you start dropping the engine. it makes for a bloody mess,literally.
    #2 make double and triple sure you got all the connectors disconnected BEFORE and DURING the beginning of the engine removal. breaking wires and connectors would be annoying as all hell especially if you ripped an entire wire out of somewhere.
    #3 you may as well check valve clearances in the motor you're putting in before you put it in.saves time.
    #4 Make sure you keep all lose parts(brackets,bolts,nuts) organized. labeled ziploc bags help.
    I did an engine swap in my old katana by myself and it went OK. But i reccomend having 2 people when you drop the motor out or put the new motor in,especially if your's will wanna tip forward as it comes down,like mine did.
    P.S. don't drop it.

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    have 50 people standing around,a couple washed up stars from the 80's ,some bottles of champange ,cater the whole event and then let the lead singer from white snake turn the key for the first time ...........

    .do all that and it wil be just like a biker build off show.

    i agree ,a manual and some patience and planning it wil be a piece of cake .

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