Hey Jere over at readmychart.com (who I know from another forum) offered a half price coupon to bcsb members or whoever when I told him about the recent misfortun of our friend Dan. I highly recommend at least checking his site out as it is a pretty well thought out service he's offering for riders.

One thing that struck me when this accident occured was that there were some issues contacting Dan's family etc, and Jere's site is there to help with just these sorts of things.

Anyways if anybody is interested in using his service, this link will give a deal (14.95 for a whole year instead of $29.95):

It allows you to host medical and contact information and they send you a sticker with your details to attach to your driver's license. I think somebody has posted it here before.. I think its a really good idea. Especially if you travel into the states or alone.

Ride safe!