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Thread: suomy???

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    i was thinking of getting a suomy helment. what do you guys think?? price, value, saftey, fit and finish?

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    I like 'em! Mainly for the price...I think you get a pretty good helmet.

    Fit and finish is probably not of the quality of an Arai (sometimes the side panel graphics dont' match up) but is still much better than an HJC (which I also have). As for fit...that sort of depends on the shape of your head. I really like the fit, but others have said that they find them uncomfortable due to thier head-shape.

    The Suomys are VERY light, I think only the Arai Signet GT weighs as little as a Suomy. They also have the best graphics (IMO) and the chin area is very small, so the helmet doesn't look huge on your head, compared to a Shoei or something. When I wore my Shoei then my Suomy back-to-back it was very different...with the Shoei I'd be hitting my chin to my shoulder when I did shoulder checks, but not with the Suomy. The material used to line the inside is also very nice.
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    suomy rocks !.. i have the ben bostrom replica suomy ( not the his lugana seca replica ).. good price and i find fits my head the best.

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    BK just got the AGV Rossi replicas, they are so cool but at $ kinda out of my reach....
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    I think the graphics on the Suomy's look SWEEEEEET! Azn Gixxer, if the fit feels good when you try it on, I would recommend buying one (with an Irridium visor tint).
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