case cover and repairs ?
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Thread: case cover and repairs ?

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    case cover and repairs ?

    hi all.

    this is an addendum to post:

    i recently low sided my 96 zx6r at mission at couple weeks ago and as you can see from the picture.. my engine cover got wasted on the left side. me dumb for using a stock one.. but didn't have enough time to switch to after market one. :-(

    i have a NRC cover on order coming this week as a replacement, but the question i have is, does the middle thing the stator ( is that the wires that bold onto the cover ? ) fits in, need to be replaced, and what is the name/function of the circular middle piece do ? what do those 6 metal round things do ?

    as you can see from the pic.. when i low sided the bike.. the stator seemed to have dented slightly those 6 black nuts( ? ). do you guys think i need to replace that ? how much you guys figure ?

    also.. what does a stator do ?

    any help would be greatly appreciative !!!
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    It looks like you are VERY BLODDY LUCKY that the stator (the big thing with the wires) isn't damaged. A scrape or two on the metal is OK as long as it didn't abrade through any of the wires of the windings (that's what's under the radial fingers).

    Just take out the bolts holding the stator to the busted cover and put in into the new NRC cover with the wires oriented the same way. Actually there is probably a locator pin so you don't have much choice. Then use a new gasket as per the other post when mounting it and *presto* yer done.

    That big ring on the end of the crankshaft has some big permanent magnets in it. I see that it's got some dings. I think you're going to need to replace that or suffer some extra vibration. Assuming it's still ROUND you may get away with just lightly grinding off any bits of metal that threaten to scuff the stator. Remove ONLY WHAT IS REQUIRED to achieve the normal fit. If it went oval on ya then it's new part time.

    The magnets in the rotor induce the electricity in the windings of the stator. Put together the rotor and the stator make up the alternator. The power from the alternator goes to the rectifier/regulator unit to power up your bike.

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    your awesome.
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