transferring OUTLOOK emails from pc to laptop
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Thread: transferring OUTLOOK emails from pc to laptop

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    transferring OUTLOOK emails from pc to laptop

    to all the tech savvy folks out there...

    i just purchased a laptop and would like to transfer all my outlook message from my old desktop to the laptop. what would you recommend be the best method possible.... please be as detailed as you possible can, including necessary hardware.

    thanks in advance,


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    File/Import Export/Export to File/Personal Folder File (pst) - Transfer it to your new laptop and voila!!
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    What he said, if you're not networked, save the .pst file you make via the export process and email it to yourself or burn to a CD...
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    You don't have to export it. Just search your computer for outlook.pst and ensure it has the correct date stamp. Then copy it over to your new computer and import it.

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