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    Bitch to ICBC

    At last nights BCCOM meeting, Adele suggested riders should draw ICBC's attention to the fact that we've had something like 3 fatal bike accidents caused by left turning cars, and ICBC has dropped it's motorcycle awareness program. You can be as slow as possible, wear neon yellow clown suit with frik's x-mass lights and you're still at risk from these drivers.

    I was on their website and the only thing they have is this:

    Motorcyclists and drivers — April 29
    Use extra caution this summer

    But you can call this guy...

    For more information contact:
    Doug Henderson

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    Let's do our OWN "May is motorcycle awareness month".

    I call on EVERy person here to damn the torpedoes and run high beams 24/7 no matter what they flash at us. Run a different colour bulb (legal or NOT legal). Let's take back the street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosworth
    run high beams 24/7 no matter what they flash at us.
    i already do

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    Yeah!! I'd like to know how many Joe Average reads ICBC's website.
    That blurp doesn't do any good to the safety of Motorcyclists.
    High beams or Modulators will do it, kind of.
    Or how about staging an awareness rally, like the truckers did.
    I'm sure that a crowd of 10,000 bikes (like the toy run) would put us in the news and that would be our Awareness campaign.
    I'm up for that
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    Count me in!

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    Most of the "average" drivers can't read english, let alone care about motorcyclists..
    They'd be more pissed that you're head dented THEIR radiator.
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    Block Highway 1 at rush hour until ICBC brings it back?

    Line the freeway with 1000 bikes?

    Get on the news and tell people about the carnage?

    Slow the fuck down and wear gear and enter intersecions as safely as possible and ride defensively?

    Which one is most likely to happen?


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    sit outside your local mla's office with your pipes blasting their front door. they'll be aware then.

    plain and simple. threaten your mla's job. he's only got 12 days to come up with a good reason to keep him in office anyways.

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    None right now...
    From the ICBC press release:

    # In BC in 2003, there were approximately 2,000 crash incidents reported to ICBC involving motorcycles. Of that total there were 33 police-reported fatal crashes and 1,000 ICBC reported crashes involving an injury.
    # Single-vehicle motorcycle crashes tend to occur in rural undeveloped areas, at higher speeds, and at curves where the driver loses control and leaves the roadway.
    # Multi-vehicle motorcycle involved crashes tend to occur in urban areas, at lower speeds and at intersections where the driver of the other vehicle violates a motorcyclist's right of way or fails to notice the motorcyclist.
    # In 2003, motorcycles represented about 1.3 per cent of all insured vehicles, however motorcyclists accounted for approximately 7.1 per cent of all fatal victims.
    # Motorcycles are 15 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash incident, and three times more likely to be involved in an injury crash incident than any other motorized vehicle type.
    I wonder what the breakdown is between single-vehicle accidents and multi-vehicle accidents when a motorcycle is involved.
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    Be aware that running a highbeam with the sun low and behind you makes you invisible to oncoming traffick.
    Reformatted to fit your screen.

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    I did get a call back from Doug Henderson, who said they were resuming their advert campaign, and would e-mail me the details. I made sure to explain that left turning cars are the number 1 killer for bikes and we are often powerless to avoid it. When I asked about people with no special training, jumping on 50cc scooters, crashing and making motorcyclists statistics look bad, he defered the questions to others.

    ..then I told him that I should be able to park everywhere for free, not pay for gas, and that I was such a good rider that ICBC should pay me to ride! (NOT)

    He's a media relations person but if he gets a bunch of calls from motorcyclists, maybe it will filter up and ICBC will think about bikes more.

    On the oposite side of the coin, the son of one of the editors for the Province newspaper was the guy who died in the Nanimo motorcycle accident a few days ago.
    This could result in better or worst treatment by the press.

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    On a side note, Bill, you might want to tell Adele to take a course in public relations, considering some of the stuff she sends out.

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