In light of all the recent bike related tragedies of late, the idea of forming a support group for the fallen riders' friends and loved ones has surfaced.

DAWSON has kindly volunteered to help start something.
I thought I'd post it in GSC to get more exposure.

We are a community of riders, we need to be there for the good times as well as the bad.

I have been thinking seriously about this for awhile now, we have had a hard time finding support in the lower mainland for our loss--DAWSON died last May 11/04 and yes I think it is a very needed group for the parents & families of these tragedies, unfortunately it helps to be with others in the same situation, as they say Misery loves company...we are far from "being better/over it whatever" life will never be the same, we will grieve for DAWSON for the rest of our days, and miss everything that would have been, wife, family, children/our grandchildren, life will never be the same..

If anyone knows of parents who want to talk or get together with other parents who have lost someone to a motorcycle accident please post here or send a private message to Dawson, I will pick up the messages, and see if we can try to help someone get through by getting together and sharing our losses, and trying to give as much support as we can.
The loss of a child is so horrific there isn't even a name for it.
Think about it, you lose your spouse your a widow/widower, parent your an orphan, but your child nothing compares, nothing comes close to that loss.