Federal treatment of Veterans
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Thread: Federal treatment of Veterans

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    Federal treatment of Veterans

    This is probably the most discusting thing the Canadian government has ever done.

    [THE "SHAMEFUL saga" of our soldiers being used as chemical warfare guinea pigs by the Canadian government will never go away for widows like Velma Braden. Braden, holding a picture of husband Stewart, is now being denied compensation due to petty bureaucracy. (Chris Procaylo, Sun Media)]

    "If all this sounds incredible, it is only because of its rank indecency. It is unfathomable that this kind of thing would happen in this country today. It is a shameful saga."

    Those were the words of former military ombudsman Andre Marin. They were spoken last year.


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    dude....there are prolly thousand other things like this under canadas belt...or any other countries for that matter....it fucking sux to see ppl being put through that....

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    What a load of crap, imagine how much easier everyone would get along if just once in a while burecrats stopped talking to their lawyer and let common sense rule? Honestly, 50 years of marriage who would else would he want the money to go to?

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    It would have been passed in an instant if it was willed to Paul Martin...

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    it now looks, sounds AND rides like a cage =(

    silmido island

    In Korea, around the 1960's, there was an attempted assassination on the South Korean President by the North Koreans.

    One commando was captured and when they asked why they were here he said: "We've come to cut off the head of the President".

    In response to this, the South began to train a commando unit on Silmido island to blow up the North Korean presidential palace. The unit was comprised of criminals and people who had dead end lives. Many of them died in training, living in Hellish conditions, they became an elite commando unit. With the promise of their families being taken care of.

    Talks with the North resumed.. the unit was forgotten.. supplies getting thin. They revolted and made their way to Seoul the capital and attempted to suicide bomb the presidential building.

    There were 4 survivors. In exhange for their silence, they would be able to prove themselves on the battlefields of Vietnam with the other Special Forces Korea had sent. They kept their silence and were rewarded with secret court-martials and executed.

    The gov't will still not admit to having fault or ordering their deaths at the camp. The intelligence agency claims that all documents having to do with the project were lost. =(

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    The general public call these "conspiracy" theories and write them off....one day their eyes will be opened and they will see what really goes on within the minds of those in control.

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    Sad. Talk about a lack of conscience or will to do the proverbial "right thing".
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