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    Talking Motoman and the newb

    Alrighty then!

    The deal is done! I am the proud owner of a brand-new 2005 Yamaha R6.

    I have been doing some research on breaking in the new bike and found this :

    I want to make sure that my bike is properly broken in. However, I haven't ridden a bike for a little over a year... and it wasn't a sport bike either. The last thing I want to be doing is the wringing the neck of a R6 before I have got my "bike legs" back.

    It says in the article that the most critical period is the first 20 miles. I was thinking about taking it on a relatively long stretch of sparsly trafficed road and just leaving it at high rpms without going terriblely fast.

    What do you think?

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    engine already has use on it, just ride, it wont break. ride it normal

    congrats on the sweet bike

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    Dont baby it but dont rev the piss out of either.

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    Yup listen to Jayson. Just ride the thing. It's already been stress tested at the factory. More importantly change the oil early. The manual recommends 1000km but I've heard of people doing it at 500km just to get rid of all the bits of junk in the oil when using a new motor.
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    With cars, I've been told that the factory puts an additive or uses a "special" oil for the break in process (duration until the first tune up), and that oil is different from the oil that is used afterward. Does this apply to bikes aswell?

    Was I fed hogwash to begin with?

    edit: I am sick right now, excuse the shitiness of the grammar.

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    As Motoman says, make sure it's properly warmed up then giv'er. Your brand new bike has a warranty, so don't stress it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saturnin
    yah....prolly got some gas into the carbs n' shit...

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