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    general L restriction questions

    Okay do I have this right. Once you do you skills test they take, the cant exeed 60km/h or w/e and supervision restrictions off?
    Cant you get further restrictions removed if you do a ICBC certified riding course or something?
    they wouldn't take your licence away or anything if you rode after sunset would they?...warning....fine?

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    Well, I'm not sure what the cops would do if you get caught riding after dark. But after your skills test the 2 restrictions on your licence are you can't ride after sunset and you can't carry passengers.

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    If you're caught after dark you can get a fine or they could impound the bike and make you find a way home or both. It's up to the officer because technically you aren't supposed to be riding. I've heard of cops telling people that they have to walk their bikes home and that they were going to check on them or give them a ticket.
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    the ICBC website has all the information you need about liscensing
    It's fairly thorough i think...
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