Places to stop. Kanaka Bar.
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Thread: Places to stop. Kanaka Bar.

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    Places to stop. Kanaka Bar.

    Wife and I stopped at Kanaka Bar restaurant 25 kilos east of Boston Bar on Friday. Its kinda in the middle of nowhere and we were hesitant to go in. There were no cars or trucks and the place looked deserted. It was raining, so we said "what the heck" and went in.

    Place is run by an Oriental couple with a young son. We ordered the house special - Kanaka burger. We were pleasantly surprised by a whopping plate of hot food. It was an excellent burger for a very reasonable price. They have an extensive menu of Western and Chinese foods. All reasonably priced.

    We will be sure to stop again. Very nice people. No gas though. Not open Saturday.

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    It's owned by a youngish Korean couple who are just the nicest people. I used to deliver there once a week back a few years ago and he was always telling me about how he used to watch cowboy movies when he was a kid and dreamed of living in the "wild west." Apparently Lytton was as close as he could get and he seems to love the frontier lifestyle. BTW, he was also owner of Mr. Mikes in Princeton, he sold that and now owns the Apple Tree Restaurant in Princeton on Vermillion St.
    What was it all about?

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    I always ride past that joint and have always passed it off as a roadside dive, but by the sounds of it I will have to try it out next time.

    I actually rode past it today coming back from Cache Creek and there were a few vehicles parked out front.

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