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Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki dominate most stolen motorcycle list
August 05, 2002 - 6:03 am

DETROIT (AP) - Owners of Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki motorcycles are more likely to have their "Easy Rider" days cut short by thieves than owners of other brand bikes, according to a study released Sunday.

Of the 25 most stolen motorcycles in 2001, eight were Hondas, seven were Suzukis, six were built by Yamaha, three by Kawasaki and just one by Harley-Davidson, according to the study by CCC Information Services Inc.

The single most stolen motorcycle in 2001 was the 2001 Yamaha YZFR6.

"Often times they're stolen for their interchangeable parts. There's a profitable market for that," said Jeanene O'Brien, director of marketing for the Chicago-based technology company that provides software and information services about vehicle claims to insurers and repair facilities.

But the motivation for stealing motorcycles is pure conjecture because "we can't determine what's happened to them once they're stolen," O'Brien said.

Many stolen motorcycles are high-performance "sport bikes" with powerful engines making them attractive quarries for thieves, O'Brien said.

The study found that Honda was the most stolen motorcycle make, regardless of model or year, with 23 per cent of all theft. Yamahas accounted for 20 per cent and Harley-Davidsons made up 18 per cent of all motorcycle theft.

Over 61 per cent of all stolen motorcycles were two years old or less. The oldest was a 1954 Harley-Davidson FLH.

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