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    Spondon TZR 250 (pix included)

    This is a 1989 Yamaha TZR250cc don’t let the year or the cc’s fool you this is a highly desired/collectable/useable bike. It is nimble, fast yet forgiving although not as fast as a 600cc bike it is not as unresponsive as other 250s either thus insuring you wont get board of it once you feel comfortable enough.

    A great bike to learn on as it does not have a twitchy throttle, its comfortable enough to cruse with plenty left to tuck and go.

    The frame was altered for race by a legendary bike building company called SPONDON and from there the previous owner had nearly the whole bike modified with performance parts and upgrades.
    After racing a season the bike was torn down and rebuilt again professionally and meticulously then entered into storage as more of a show/conversation piece then a daily driver. It has been on the road for 2 months this year and with garage space lacking and a new toy I regretfully sell this bike.
    Included with clean and clear title are the following parts and upgrades amongst more I’m probably forgetting

    stock rims and chambers in great shape
    Extra sprockets and carrier
    Head was shaved for more power.
    Boyson reeds as well as head work
    34 mm Mukuni flat slide carbs
    K&N filters
    Toomie pipes
    Marvic race rims
    Crank was Balanced
    flywheel was lightened
    2 new sets of tires and an extra set of mint rims

    The asking price is $3,000 and is located on Vancouver island
    (victoria 10 minutes from ferrys)
    For more pictures-info or to view please feel free to call 250-855-0022 anytime or PM
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    I can easily arrange delivery to Vancouver etc for the right buyer with the right things put in place.

    allot of interest continue to pm
    ebay it theres a huge market, (if u do your homework) this is not just any bike
    I will be doing so if the right deal is not to be had. virtually a steal at this price

    I am also open to trades with cash going either way on .... pretty much anything reasonable... big fishtank - dirt bike - etc
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    Bump Summers almost here, best bike in this price range!

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