Down but HOPEFULLY not out...
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Thread: Down but HOPEFULLY not out...

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    Down but HOPEFULLY not out...

    I can't thank everyone enough for the kind messages, emails and phone calls. I'm sorry to have scared everyone. Just back from my second hospital visit. Fractured right ulna (the small bone in your forearm), concussion, 5 stitches to my forehead, bruised kidney, and a constantly dislocating left shoulder. I also look as though I was on the losing end of a bar brawl. Black eyes setting in, bruised forehead, bruised chin etc. It all hurts. Arm is casted now and I should know next week if surgery is required. Again I can't thank everyone enough! Rob, Robert, Marbod, Ester, Eric, Lynne, the corner workers, and the ambulance and hospital staff. WOW! Thank you all so very much.

    Here's what I can remember. I had been trying for a few turns to get around the guy ahead of me, but couldn't. Tried hard to catch him in the straight. But we were at the kink before my chance arose. I didn't want to pass him in the kink so I guess I grabbed a whole ton of front brake, I was in way too hot for turn one at this point I think, based on my lack of experience. Pulled what Marbod called a high speed stoppie, I remember being launched off the bike and thats it. Where, when and how I hit the wall, I don't really know. Best if it stays that way I think. I came to face down and all I could see what an awful lot of blood. I passed out again at that point. I then remember waking up in the trauma unit at Mission hospital. I don't remember the corner workers helping me, nor being in the ambulance. But I can't thank you all enough. Was nice to come back to the track to let everyone who was so worried know I was ok. Thanks for the encouragement from everyone.

    My first race season started and ended with a literal bang. But the "horse" is calling me. Once I am out of the cast, I will get on the street bike and I hope to replace my completely wrecked race bike in the off season. I'll be out again next year if only to say I didn't let the track win. But hopefully to get right back into it again. In the meantime, I'll be in the pits to cheer on Team Mspeed and to help all those who were so generous to me with their kind help and words! I'll say it again, thank you all for being there for me.


    Oh! The gear. Wow! Glad I was encouraged to spend the bucks, the leathers saved my ass. The armor on both arms is ground to almost nothing. Gloves and boots are fine, helmet is SOAKED in blood still. Its toast. Will go higher end next time and perhaps pass on the concussion.

    Be careful out there all. From what I hear, I'm lucky to be walking. Glad to be able to smell the roses today like you wouldn't believe, even if they do smell like hospital antiseptic.

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    Glad to hear you are OK Aundria. You gave us all a pretty big scare. Heal up fast.

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    See you on May 23rd...crazy newfie.
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    Andrea...glad to hear you are doing ok! Your a such a trooper!
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    And that helmet was CLEAN when you saw it, girl.

    Hang in there!
    RIP Julia, our shining light

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    ya newfies! anyone from BC woulda got messed up really bad but newfies are tuff

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    Your a star princess, you'll be back up in no time! Let me know if u need anything, anything at all (anything!). I'll be your patch(up) adams! But next year let's start things off right and get you on a zook! Aren't u the lone honda in the MSpeed tent?!?!
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    Great to see you're able to give us an update on your condition yourself -- that's a good sign!

    I was so sorry to hear about your bad crash (and everyone I heard from that saw it used the word 'bad' a lot), but glad you're up and fighting again. You've got a terrific attitude, and hopefully you'll get a chance to get back on the track once you're all healed up.

    Good on ya, girl.
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    Hey Aundria, glad to hear you are doing well. You had us all pretty scared. There was a big group of about 15 of us sitting in turn three trying to figure out who it was. There was a big "OH NO" that came from the whole group when we heard it was you. Get better quick and hope to see you out there soon!

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    Aundria - obviously you got your race numbers mixed up (was it supposed to be 889??). Anyhow - glad to hear that you're up and about & we will do that coffee sooner than later. You scared the crap out of me!

    Keep us all updated.
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    Wow, sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you're mostly alright though - good on you for already talking about getting back in the saddle!

    Heal fast!


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    Get well soon, heal quick! Amazing race story!
    A bad day of riding is, still better than a good day of work.

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    Heal up fast Aundria. Has anyone found that horseshoe flying out of your ass?

    Go buy a lottery ticket.

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    Wow girl, talk about giving us a scare!

    OMG so glad to hear you are okay and all is well!! It was a very scary sight to see (your crash) and since I was one of the very first to figure out it was you who was down on the ground (ran from corner #1), it was a horrible thing to experience all around. It is very exciting watching our friends fly by us on the track but it is not fun seeing you guys bail and then not get up.

    I helped "escort" your bike into the crash truck... will be interesting to hear if ANYTHING can be fixed from that baby, I've never personally seen such a trashed bike up close and personal. All I can say is, better the bike than you. Take care and let us know if you need anything.
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    So glad to hear you are on the mend Andrea! You definately gave us all a scare. We'll be talking to you very soon.

    Jeff, Diane, Curt

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