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    frame sliders

    should i get frame sliders for my bike? I havent started riding yet...
    if i do, do i have to drill holes in the fairings? how can i tell if i got spots to put 'em in?

    thanks in advance

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    You might have to cut out your fairing to mount them (not familiar with a Ninja 250). Sliders are a very good investment as they can save your plastics even in just a standing tip over.

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    Yup I think they carry intuitive and/or ripp racing ones there? I've um.. proven that both brands do a satisfactory job.

    Some provide an option to NOT cut out your fairing and instead mount off a bracket rather than directly into an engine mount. I would avoid that style, they break off easier and in a worst case scenario (saw this on can break off AND puncture/crack or otherwise damage your engine. So if if your bike doesn't have exposed engine mounts.. choose the variety that cut the fairing and mount properly over these, IMHO.
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    Proper Sliders on a 250 need to be drilled. FYI.

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