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    Transmission Help

    Hey everyone, my hopes that someone will know someone that knows someone lies here!

    Does anyone on here know someone who can repair a seized transmission for low $?

    My girlfriends father has a 1994 VW Jetta GL, and he didnt know that on an automatic transmission, to check the fluids the engine needed to be running.
    So my guess is that is seized, and needs to be re-built.
    Our main concern is cost. When they came to Canada from Colombia they gave up a lot of things, including money. Usually he would repair something like this by himself, but the job is too big.

    So if anyone knows a mechanic, or if any of you know anything about transmissions and can lend a hand I would be inexplicably grateful.

    Thank you.


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    Being married to a Colombian I have a soft spot for your situation. I know of a good Automatic shop in Vancouver but it's still going to cost a lot of cash. I'm assuming that it's front wheel drive with a transaxle as they are a pain in the ass. He might have better luck finding one at a wreckers?

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    Unless you find someone that is willing to make a charitable donation, there is no cheap way to fit this. If you do choose to pull the tranny remember to get all the seperator plate bolts out as there is a couple of hidden ones around the inboard CV shaft, and remember to use the proper "triple square" bit when removing the cv shaft bolts.

    Used trannys run about $450-750 and they are a big gamble, I never use them anymore, and if i do I don't warrenty the labour to put them in. Rebuilt will run you about $1000-1200.
    Good Luck

    By the way, what exactly is wrong with the tranny, it is almost imposible for them to seize up. If the fluid level gets too low, the pump pressure drops off and the tranny just freewheels. Unless the final drive has a seperate oiling system which some of them do, and are full of gear oil. If that got low or empty I can see damage there.

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