Clutch Gone?
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Thread: Clutch Gone?

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    Clutch Gone?

    Here's the problem.

    My Clutch Engaged at the VERY end, my hand is almost fully open when it engages, and recently its so bad that the bike will jerk cuz its so far back.So i tried 2 adjust it a little bit, worked for about an hour of riding and now the bike stalls about 50% of the time. Im assuming that the clutch is gone?

    Its a 1999 R6 with 34k on it. Just got the bike last month so i dont know when the clutch was replaced last.

    I dont think the bike is rideable, Do any shops Close to Surrey have a pickup service? I wish 5th Gear was still in whiterock

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    he can get it picked up. call minimike and you can put it in with a truck he's bringing up from White Rock tomorrow morning, if you want 604 807.3177.

    the new shop number is 604 244-7666. bill will still be picking up bikes all over for people who's schedules are not very flexible or bikes that won't run.
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    Im really not too sure, but could it be the clutch cable?

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    34 K interesting.. i think that's it.. but hey, doesn't hurt to check the cable...
    best of luck, keep us posted
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    Sounds like you just need to adjust the clutch cable. At the lever perch there's a knurled wheel (sometimes under a rubber cover) that you can use to set the cable slack. The lever should be able to move with very little pressure for about 1 cm of travel at the ball end before you feel the real clutch resistance come into play. As the clutch wears this free play diminishes and you need to adjust that wheel to restore the proper amount.

    To a limited extent you can also use this adjuster to set where your friction point is located but don't go nuts with this aspect. If you adjust it too far back with LOTS of free play it won't disengage fully and the bike will want to creep and going from neutral to first will always have a big CLUNK because the clutch isn't fully disengaging and it's driving the front end of the transmission all the time.

    As for the stalling there is no way that is related to anything to do with the clutch cable unless it's just you not being able to work the clutch due to the lever position. If it's just plain stalling then there's something wrong with the engine tuning.

    35,000 kms is peanuts for today's bike clutches unless it's been truly abused or it's a Ducati. I suspect it's only your lever position adjustment.
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